Kernow Live

Connecting with the people around us is important to us all. Recent studies have shown that feeling you are a part of something has a measurable impact on your lifetime of happiness. Kernow Live builds on that idea by bringing children and young people together with their communities at events in Cornwall to instill a feeling of togetherness, by sharing joy and laughter and creating wonderful things together.


Cornwall is one of the poorest areas of Europe with a GDP of less than 75% of the EU average. As a result it qualifies as a recipient of Convergence Funding from the EU under Objective One which aims to improve the economic well-being of qualifying areas and reduce regional disparities. Figures from the Campaign to End Child Poverty coalition in February 2013 have shown that Cornwall suffers rates of child poverty as high as 40% in pockets of deprivation and rising.


Kernow Live events target these children specifically, bringing them into the community to reduce the isolation they suffer due to geographic, financial and social barriers. By producing events throughout Cornwall we show them that a wider community exists which cares about their wellbeing and their futures and which can provide resources to train, develop and improve their life skills.


Kernow Live events bring together groups of trainees from Circo Kernow who comprise young people not in education, employment or training, young people in care and those leaving care, people with mental health issues, people with learning difficulties and people with long term conditions and physical disabilities. These trainees have undertaken a positive journey of health and accredited personal development which culminates in performances and work experience at PlayFest 2013. Participants are recruited through the project's network of partners, including Jobcentreplus, Connexions, GP's, Drug and Alcohol teams, Probation, Youth Centres, schools, Pupil Referral Unit and Carefree (young people in care and carers).


Our partners have a wealth of evidence showing the links between social deprivation, unemployment, mental health issues and drug and alcohol abuse.Our events can be their gateway to a better future.

Thanks to our funders

Without the support of our funders PlayFest would not be the great event you have come to know and love.


Having support from the Arts Council and West Cornwall Youth Trust enables Kernow Live to work with children and young people to give them experiences that they would not normally experience.